Sunday, 7 April 2013

No More "I Love You"s

That title got your attention didn't it! we are.  Less than three weeks to go until the big day and Kate and I tie the knot.  We're both very very excited - the sort of excited that makes you need the toilet if you think about it too much - but we are currently knee-deep in wedding admin, the equivalent of coming home to do homework every night for three weeks.  Forms for this, forms for that, writing up information for this and that person, and so it goes on.  One thing we're having to decide on is the music we will be having during the ceremony.  For a laugh - and to relieve the tedium of form-gate - we decided to try and find the most inappropriate songs to play at a wedding.  Enjoy!

Annie Lennox - No More "I Love Yous"
R Kelly - Bump 'n' Grind
The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
Atomic Kitten - See Ya
Busted - You Said No
Oasis - Stop Crying You Heart Out
S.mouse - Poo On You
Spice Girls - Goodbye
Tomcraft - Loneliness

Whigfield - Another Day
Cee Lo Green - Forget You

Honeyz - End of the Line get the idea with that.  If you can think of more then pop them in the comments!

In fact in among all the HILARITY we've managed to come up with quite a few songs that mean a lot to us, the first dance in particular.  This is probably the biggest secret of the whole day - only three people know what it is: me, Kate and our DJ James.  It's spot on for us in so many ways so I look forward to you either hearing it on the night or when I inevitably babble on about it here afterwards!  

It's nearly two years since I proposed.  We didn't really have a lot of choice with the length of engagement - we needed to save and we wanted a Spring wedding.  But even with that in mind the first year was pretty frustrating as we found we were unable to book our ceremony until a year before the due date, which of course meant we couldn't book anything else off the back of it in case the date didn't come through, meaning we had eight months of being able to do very little but talk about what we wanted to do.  I had to take a deep breath every time someone piped up with "how's the wedding planing going?" in the kitchen at work.  But then all the prep kicked in and didn't stop!  I'm not quite sure what we're going to do with our time once it is all over!  (oh that's right, buy a flat, I remember now...)

But now the day itself is almost upon us - the dress and suit are both in our possession (must make sure the bags don't get mixed up), the stag and hen dos are imminent (and sound suitably epic) and the rings sit expectantly on the table (waiting to be lost at the last minute).  So I better stop wasting time writing ultimately unnecessary blogs and get back to my speech instead, which rather scarily will not only be recorded but presented to us on Blu-Ray afterwards, so at least if it's rubbish I can console myself that the picture quality is excellent.  

It's tempting to see the wedding as the end of a countdown that began nearly nine years ago when Kate popped round to my student house to watch a DVD and has taken in university, jobs, flats and holidays along the way, but in fact it's the start of so much more.  I'm so excited about everything that is still to come: 27th April is the first day of the rest of our lives.

With so many more "I Love You"s...